AWS Abbreviations

SQS- Simple Queuing Service

SNS- Simple Notification Service

WAM- Workspace Application Manager

VPC – Virtual Private Cloud

DC (DX)- Direct Connect

EFS – Elastic Filesystem

VPE – Virtual Private Endpoint (?)

NAT – Network address translation

EMR- Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a web service that uses Hadoop, an open-source framework, to quickly & cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.

IOPS- Input/Output Operations per Second

NFS – Network File System

AML – Amazon Machine Learning

NAS – Network Attached Storage

S3 – Simple Storage Service

EC2- Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

RDS – Amazon Relational Database Service

ELB – Elastic Load Balancing

Aurora – Amazon’s MySQL-compatible relational database management system (RDBMS)

Right Scale – Manage Your Cloud

Right Scale is a tool to help us with managing a multi-cloud environment. It’s a single interface for multi-cloud support (example AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, as well as VM).

Right Scale is SaaS (software as a service).

The features:
– Cloud and configuration management
– Credential management
– One place to manage user access to the multi-cloud environment
– Managing and automating server patching & maintenance
– Server deployments automation
– Monitoring & alerting (including backup alerts)
– Cloud cost management (cloud analytics)
– With the Collectd plugin you can collect server statistics (in numbers)
– There is the  Multi Cloud Marketplace which gives you access to server templates and scripts (ex. Chef recipes, right script and so on)
– RightScale APIs (everything that’s in the interface, can be done through API)
– It has Chef integration. It has New Relic integration.

The main focus of Right Scale:
* Automation (in and across Clouds through Self-Service and CAT files)
* Governance (Offer self-service IT access while sleeping at night. Design and enforce policies based on budgets, configurations, and user access. Control resource placement and capacity.)
* Economics (Through Cloud Analytics and Self-Service Scheduling we are able to control waste)
* Ecosystem (Multi-cloud & hybrid environment)

Note: Hybrid is the combination of private Cloud (VMware, Open Stack & Cloud Stack environment) and public Cloud (ex. AWS, Azure, Google…).

There are 3 parts to Right Scale Cloud Portfolio Management:
Self-Service, Cloud Management, and Cloud Analytics


Cloud Analytics – shows the cost of the cloud (User oriented view)

  • Budget Alerts
  • Spending Reports
  • Estimation Tool (Scenario Builder)


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