ASP.NET MVC Training

November 2014

I took 1 week training “Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications – 20486” and I liked it. It’s an instructor-led class but it’s all done remotely. I was alone in an small office. Technically I don’t need to be in the course provider’s office but I find it convenient. It was my second class with ONLC and with this format of training. Everybody is remotely and all around US. Because of the East Coast participants the classes start way too early but they end early too. This time my class was Monday to Friday, 7AM-1:45PM PST. The class instructor MJ Parker was in NYC and she did a fabulous job.

MVC Training

There were 11 other participants. Some of them I wish I met in person and at least one I wish was never part of the class.

What I liked about the class:
– I like the convenience. This format offers a lot of freedom.
– You get the best instructors as they are not limited by the geographical location.
– I find it amazing that you can take the class as many times as you like in a year.

What can be improved about the class:
– There were way too many technical difficulties with the remote machines, conference bridge, Internet (the building I was in lost Internet for an hour or more and of course that means no phone, no labs, no instructor).
– The class format doesn’t facilitate you to network with the other participants and I’ll never know or connect with the people I spent a whole week on the phone with.
– Some participants are encouraged by the impersonal setting of the class to ask shameless and stupid questions.

This time I got a printed book from the class and I needed a lot of coffee. I love the book. I hope to get some time around Christmas to look at it some more.
MVC Training

The class doesn’t just cover designing and developing models, controllers, views for the web applications.

Here are the highlights on what else the class covered:
– Testing and Debugging.
– Front end development with CSS.
– Security.
– Using JavaScript and jQuery.
– Using SQL Azure.
– Creating/consuming Azure Web Services.
– Calling and developing Web APIs.
– Deploying web applications.

You get 1 month of free Azure account with the class. A lot of fun.
MVC Training

The bottom line is I loved it. Unfortunately because of the remote setting I was still able still to work half of the time and not to pay attention to the class but I’m thankful for the class and the knowledge.

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