Mark Russinovich’s Trojan Horse Novel

Trojan Horse Novel

I am one lucky girl. I received an advance copy of the book that I have been dreaming to read. Mark Russinovich’s Trojan Horse novel. After reading Zero Day from the same author I was hooked.
It has been terribly busy in my life the last week and I feel guilty for not finishing the book the moment I got it but I’m enjoying it.
It is suspenseful, it is intriguing, it is inspiring. It makes you question every computer and any device connected to the Internet.
It’s a must-read for every person in technology.
P.S. I bought a copy of Zero Day for my boss for Christmas. The Trojan Horse is scheduled to be released in September.

I’m very careful giving my comments about the book without spoinling the fun for you :) Here is what I think in short:

AwesomeExperience( smartHuman @markrussinovich )
GreatBook TheTrojanHorse;
TheTrojanHorse = (Politics+Technology+Multiculture+Action)*Sexy*Suspense;
Return #TheTrojanHorse;

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