SoCal Code Camp

November 9 and 10, 2013 in Los Angeles

At the USC (University of Soutern California) campus in Downtown LA.
99 FREE 1-hour sessions
Around 500 developers.
$140K promissed in prizes but the prizes are really silly so if you go, go for the sessions.
It usually happens twice a year.

It’s a great free event but sometimes it’s hit and miss with the quality of the sessions.

So Cal Boot Camp

We enjoyed a great session on 3D gaming with Unity by a Microsoft Evangelist.
An intro to Unity for creating killer 3D Games
Adam Tuliper

So Cal Boot Camp

We went to a session on web hacking. It was a disasterous demo and the presenter stopped sharing his screen after 10 min. But he got just to talk for the rest 50 minutes. Neil is a Twitter security expert.
Intro to web hacking
Neil Matatall

So Cal Boot Camp

Learning everything about IIS in one hour. Steve gave everybody a free PluralSight 1-month promotion cards. I plan to use it.
IIS for Developers: Choose Your Own Adventure
Steve Evans

So Cal Boot Camp

We attended a web design session. Nice presentation but very slow and easy.
Getting Started with Responsive Web Design
Mario Hernandez


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