Icenium – Integrated Cloud Envoironment (ICE)

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Icenium is a new and exciting development environment provided by Telerik. It helps you build applications for Android, iOS (iPad, iPhone) using only HTML5 (no Java, no Objective-C). You don’t need to install different development environments and multiple SDKs. It’s part of the new generation of mobile development platforms that uses the Cloud. It’s free till May 2013!

What is Icenium Graphite?
It’s a Windows based tool that will allow you to create, debug and deploy your applications for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices.
Icenium Graphite

What is Icenium Mist?
Icenium Mist is a browser-based development environment that enables web and mobile web developers to work on your mobile application projects from anywhere using only a web browser. It is the lightweight version of Icenium Graphite.
Icenium Mist

Is there a Simulator?
Yes. The Icenium Device Simulator enables you to experience how your application will look and feel in real-time across multiple device platforms and form factors, including smartphones and tablets. The device simulator is available in both Icenium Graphite and Icenium Mist.

What is Icenium Ion?
Icenium Ion is a free testing utility for web and mobile web developers who are using Icenium Mist. Ion enables developers to load applications you are developing into the Ion shell for testing and validation on any iOS device. Icenium Ion is available through the Apple AppStore.

Where is my code going to live?
You can choose between the Icenium Version Control repository—a Git repository on your cloud-based file system that is allocated when you create a new project, or you can choose to use an external URL-based Git repositories, such as GitHub or BitBucket.

What is Kendu UI Mobile?
The development in Icenium is done with Kendo UI Mobile. Kendo UI Mobile is a collection of HTML5 and JavaScript widgets designed to help developers build native app experiences using web standards. Kendo UI Mobile is unique in its ability to automatically adapt to different mobile platforms, precisely matching the native UX of platforms like iOS and Android.

What is Apache Cordova?
Apache Cordova is formerly known as PhoneGap. It is a mobile development framework. It enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, instead of device-specific languages such as Objective-C. With Cordova you can easily leverage device API’s, including those for camera, accelerometer, geolocation, and more using standard web languages (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript). You don’t need to install Apache Cordova when you use Icenium- it’s managed for you on the Cloud.

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