The Maurice DiMino’s Million Dollar Message Boot Camp Experience

Maurice DiMino is a fantastic trainer, mesmerizing public speaker and an outstanding sales person.
Maurice Boot Camp

He teaches you how to create your perfect pitch. He calls it the ‘Million Dollar Message 3 day Boot camp Intensive’. For me it was a weekend of hands on training, learning and getting inspired.

I took my 11 year old daughter Ina with me. Maurice was right when he said there are three generations of people in the room. There were 50 of us at the camp excited and eager to learn- from all different walks of life and for different reasons. The most amazing part is that around 30% of the people in the room were taking the class for the 2nd,3rd or n-th time. Maurice definitely has a raving fan club.

Maurice Boot Camp

Hypnotists, wellness instructors, personal coaches, end of life caregivers, marketing people, business owners and others. I have been trying to find the right description for the event as I don’t think you can figure it out from Maurics’s sales sheet. My description for the event is an entrepreneurship workshop.

I met some very nice and interesting people. Half of the room were Toastmasters and I’m a Toastmaster. Cheering, supportive and social. Maurice’s family is addictive.

Maurice is an incredible trainer. Maurice is generously giving, speaking from his heart. He doesn’t need coffee. He walks around the room as a panther. Energy flows around him. Don’t believe him when he says he is lazy.

Maurice Boot Camp

Maurice made the room feel like a home, people in the room as family and you as being part of one whole. He encouraged people to talk to each other, to make friends, to make connections. That’s genius because it makes you enjoy the experience and it helps Maurice as we all can support him in the joint venture.

The first day Friday was specifically intensive. Maurice taught us his template. It’s an exceptional smart format to present and make a sale. It starts with getting the attention of the public, thanking the host and the opportunity, presenting yourself and proving your expertise, bringing a story, seeding, explaining the problem and the solution. It ends with your offer, the bonus, the limitation, special offer, call to action and thanks. It’s a 26 point golden template. This day is worth the whole boot camp. Maurice gave each participant a notebook and even my daughter wrote many pages of gold. This is a template for a 30 min talk or a 3 day event.

The second day, Saturday, was deluded sugar. We still got awesome information but I got annoyed by the overselling and cheesy moments. It wasn’t just Maurice selling his Master Program but we had other speakers. Craig Duswalt talked to us about his rockstar’s ways of marketing. I thought Craig has brilliant ideas and I learned from him but it was a lot of selling of his seminar. Craig Duswalt’s seminar teaches and inspires you to write and publish your book in 30 days! This is exactly the case when I say- I was interested of coming to your seminar until you started selling. I like your ideas but I’m not going to pay to listen 50% of the time about you. I like you but don’t shower me with information and pictures about yourself. Let me work for that and be an enigma.

Maurice Boot Camp

Maurice gave us something very valuable. He gave us a template to create our verbal business card. It’s a 1 minute introduction ready for the case when everybody in the room introduces themselves. The advice is to go after everybody else introduces themselves as they will pay more attention after they say their own introduction. The template contains getting the attention of the audience, your name, your product (slow down and smile at that time), benefit story, include your audience, call to action, offer and repeat your name and product.

The third day, Sunday, was more fun and more selling. I have to admit unfortunately I had to leave early and I missed the marketing presentation from Jennifer Bagley. Day three of the boot camp is about how to make money. In the morning we had a great presentation on sponsorship from Ron Seaver.

Every speaker Maurice invites to his camp is selling something. It looks like every one of them follows the same format. My service is $5,000 but just for you right now I’ll sell it for 40% of the price. It’s too intrusive for my taste but that didn’t stop people from buying. For me that was a turn off even if I wanted to buy their service. My taste requires to prove me you are an expert and give me your website. I’ll come to you when I’m ready as I’m not an impulsive buyer.

Maurice Boot Camp

Maurice calls them the Mama Mia Moments. The bottom line is what I learned and what got engraved in my mind. Do you think that’s enough of value for a weekend?

– I started feeling well about writing my speeches in advance. Maurice calls it crafting. Write down your speeches, craft your speech.
Training should be a conversation, training session should be conducted Maurice’s way- engaging the public and making them work.
– Graig Duswalt believes we all have a book inside us and we should publish it. A book gives you an instant credibility. Everybody should and can publish a book!
– When you are in front of the room, you are contagious.
– Emotions sell more than logic. Stories sell, facts tell.
– When somebody asks a question, go to the opposite side of the room. When answering, go to the center.
Have a verbal business card ready.
– Acknowledge what’s happening in the room.
– If you want success in addition to your branding, website, blog, social network, you need to get on radio, TV, write a book, create web seminars, and have a college gig, corporate gig, events.
– Create your fan club that will rave and sale for you.
– Everybody needs a mentor.
– Big part of organizing an event is getting sponsorship.

Maurice Boot Camp

My action list after this weekend:

– Use Maurice’s template.
– Publish a book in 12 months.
– Craft my own quotes and make my own quote collection.
– Write down my stories and make a story collection.
– Read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Thinking Grow Rich’.
– Have my verbal business card that I crafted this weekend, practiced and ready.
– Research Google hangouts and blog talk radio.
– Research book publishing with Kindle Direct Publisher, Nook Press and Lulu.

This is my advice and wish list for Maurice:

– I would like Maurice to open a personal coaching academy.
– I would like to be invited to Maurice’s corporate training on leadership, communication and team work.
– I would like Maurice to make a boot camp on ‘How to teach and train others.’

Maurice Boot Camp

My most valuable lesson this week:

Perfect training is when somebody engages you. Maurice gives us a template – one that nobody can fail to use. Maurice gave us 30 minutes of practical information, 15 minutes of crafting and a lottery who will get to the front of the room on that hour to present their message. The chance that you will be called in front of the room to present for 50 people what you have learned is a big motivator to never get distracted. When Maurice teaches, I pay 100% attention. That excludes the time when he sells- I shut down 100% at those moments. I like the seeding- seeding gets to me but I hate the 20 min sales pitch.

From now on I don’t like training that a person stands up in front of the room and talks for more than an hour without asking for action from me because we both know my attention span is 10 minutes if no results are expected from me.

Maurice Boot Camp

What do I want to be when I grow up?
I want to be a great teacher and trainer just like Maurice DiMino.

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